THE Premier League is facing perhaps the biggest decision it will ever face: Just what does it do with the 2019/20 season?

Plenty of options have been thrown around – including trying to play on when possible, using points-per-game to decide positions, or even voiding the season – but all have their drawbacks.

But maybe we should be looking at more creative ways to settle things?

Play matches on FIFA

If we can’t settle things on an actual pitch, why not the virtual one? Imagine 11 Manchester City players teaming up to take on their Manchester United counterparts for the Manchester FIFA derby.

One problem may be if United’s connection conveniently drops out at 3-0 down. One can only imagine the rant from Pep Guardiola if that were the case…

Football Manager online game

But Pep could always take on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in a bumper online game of Football Manager, with all 20 Premier League bosses trying to replicate their team’s success/undo their failure in the hit management sim.

Bonus jeopardy rule: Any transfers that happen in the game must happen in real life.

Crossbar challenge

If things have to be settled by real physical skill, then how about a virtual crossbar challenge?

The two teams could nominate a player to go head-to-head with their opponents and film their attempts via the Zoom conference call app.

Three attempts each; closest effort takes the three points.

Bake off

If we’re all stuck at home, then maybe this should be sorted in the home with everybody’s favourite cooking challenge – a bake off!

Each club nominates a representative for each round – their most recent signing for the signature, their most skilful player for the technical, and the squad member with the most Instagram followers for the showstopper – and the best team overall wins the title. Sorry, Liverpool...

It could be judged by football’s own culinary king Sam Allardyce – alongside Mary Berry, of course – and presented by football’s own Mel and Sue: Baddiel and Skinner.

Dance off

Ideally this would have been a part of the football season anyway, but this is the ideal time for its belated introduction.

Clubs put forward their most creative goal celebration and upload it to Twitter, and the most views wins the league.

Supermarket Sweep

What better game for a time like this? This time the chief executives are the ones to take centre stage as they take on a rather different panic-buying task than they're used to.

The rules? While adhering to social distancing rules, go down to your local supermarket and pick up a jumbo pack of toilet roll, a dozen eggs and a 1kg bag of flour. Fastest CEO wins.

Musical Chairs

The classic childhood party game we all loved/hated. Twenty clubs, but only 19 chairs.

A simple elimination system here: the first team to be eliminated finishes 20th, with the final two teams battling it out for the final chair and the Premier League title.

Given social distancing restrictions, the chairs would need to be two metres apart, so clubs should probably select the player with the most stamina to compete.

Pub Quiz

A proper British solution, this.

Each club selects a group of six representatives to take on the Premier League Pub Quiz, with general knowledge, music, sport, movies, history, science, food and drink, television and the picture round separating teams from the 2019/20 Premier League crown.

The chosen six should be from various positions to maximise breadth of knowledge, so could we see Jurgen Klopp, Trent Alexander-Arnold, John W. Henry, the stadium tour guide, the social media administrator and the club chef leading Liverpool to their rightful title?

Normal rules apply: no phones (unless it’s being used for the mass Zoom call) and the quizmaster (ideally Philip Schofield, but Gary Lineker will do) is only allowed one pint between rounds.

Easter Egg raffle

Did anyone else have the Easter egg raffle in primary school when everyone brings in an Easter egg and then buys raffle tickets to try and win about ten of them?

This is the same premise, but instead of winning an egg, clubs would instead be collecting a Europa League group-stage spot.

Deal or no Deal

A similar idea to the above, but with Noel Edmonds. Twenty red boxes, each with a league position nestled inside. What could go wrong?

Imagine the TV gold if we saw the Premier League chief executive - acting as the banker - ringing up to offer relegation-threatened Bournemouth a tantalising mid-table position, only for boss Eddie Howe to reject it as he pushes on for a Champions League place.

Would there be any better moment in Premier League history if we had a scenario where the last two boxes were ‘1st’ and ‘20th’?

Picture the scene: Klopp with one box, Guardiola with the other. Klopp opts to swap his with Pep's and then opens it to reveal the '20th' sticker.

Aguerooooo, eat your heart out.