What I love about sport is its ability to provide an amazing piece of completely unscripted, hair-standing-on-end theatre.

The 486 in attendance at Bickland Park on Saturday were treated to one of those moments, as Jack Webber’s 92nd-minute strike from distance sealed an astonishing comeback from the brink for Falmouth Town.

You can read more about the remarkable scene at Bickland on our website and in this week's paper, but, in summary, Town fought back from 2-0 down at 90 minutes to draw 2-2 in injury time and send the tie to extra time, from which they went on to win 3-2.

In my combined role as reporter, photographer and videographer, I was filming the game for a highlights package on our website, and I was luckily on hand to capture the wonderful moment when Webber fired in the dramatic late leveller and ran to the supporters behind the goal, followed by his team-mates, including goalkeeper Ryan Barnes who had run the length of the field, and coaching staff members James Miller and Charlie Davis.

I uploaded the goal and celebration clip to Twitter around an hour after the game had ended, and it was swiftly retweeted by hundreds, liked by thousands and viewed by hundreds of thousands. At the time of writing this column (Tuesday afternoon), the video has been watched more than 136,000 times.

It has also been reposted by various other people, including The Football Republic facebook page, which has more than a million followers and has added a further 50,000 views - Falmouth Town truly went viral.

Numbers aside, it was the very first view of the goal that meant the most to me. Those few seconds from Ryan Chinn's delivery being punched away, to Webber sliding in front of the F-Troop, were an absolute joy to watch.

Those celebrations will live long in the memory, and I wish I could have joined in. Ever the professional, I kept my cool to make sure I captured the moment on camera, but did step away from it to let out a fist pump or two once I had set it in the right position.

It might even trump James Ward's winning goal in the Cornwall Senior Cup final as the most memorable moment of my Packet career to date.

What I loved about this goal, and probably why the subsequent video went viral, was that it touched so many of the things that people love about sport.

It had an epic comeback, from 0-2 in the 90th minute to 2-2 in the 92nd. It had real significance, keeping Town's FA Vase hopes alive.

It had that spur-of-the-moment outpouring of joy that sports fans will know only too well.

It also had that unifying moment where supporters from different backgrounds - rich, poor, young, old - come together and celebrate as one.

Only sports fans will understand that joyous moment where you're so happy and overwhelmed that you just have to hug the stranger next to you.

I even had a colleague in the office who said that even though he wasn't a sports fan, the video actually touched him in a way, thanks to that beautiful eruption of passion and celebration.

The video also attracted plenty of comments from people praising Town and the F-Troop for reminding them of their love of the beautiful game.

One person said: “I watch this and it gives me faith back in the beautiful game.”

Another said: “Just so cool that football can do this. Made me smile.”

The power of sport.