BOB Buckingham, Bridgwater Town’s vice-chairman and commercial manager, says the club committee is “working hard” to limit the damage caused by football coming to a halt amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Western League has been suspended since March 14, and it was announced this week that the league season has been terminated and all results expunged.

Buckingham told the Mercury: “[The current situation] is unprecedented, and that’s from someone who’s been about the block a fair bit.

“All of us have to follow the advice we’ve been given, so we support the stance in suspending football, as hard as that is.

“Whatever decisions are made by the FA and Western League, we will support.

“People’s wellbeing is the absolute top priority; I hope we come out the other side and can enjoy the game again.

“Practically, of course, it’s a problem for the club.

“Our income primarily comes from people coming through the gate, and buying food and drink at the games.

“We have fixed outgoings, and don’t have big reserves, but we’re working hard behind the scenes to mitigate that.

“For our sponsors, and the businesses we’re working with, it’s a challenge too.

“It could be a bigger challenge getting sponsorship, in the medium to longer term as well, due to the economic circumstances.”

The last week has seen football clubs reach out to supporters who could be particularly affected by the lack of social contact involved in matches being called off.

The Western League launched its #ThinkOfAFan initiative, asking people to contact fans they know, at a time that a match may be kicking off (Saturday afternoon or a midweek evening), to check in with them.

Regarding that campaign, Buckingham said: “We’ve seen the initiative by the Western League, and as a committee we are thinking about how we can make that a practical exercise, and keep in contact with people.

“For so many people, football is a clear part of our lives, so we applaud the initiative and will support it on our social media channels.

“We’re continually looking at ways we can engage with people, think of them and look forward to having their support again in the future.”