TAUNTON'S unbeaten professional boxer Pawel Augustynik overcame his toughest test to date earlier this month, unanimously outpointing Ondrej Budera in Bristol, writes Marc Gatford.

Augustynik's nine previous victims were journeyman opponents, brought in to give the 24-year-old experience

Budera wasn't of this ilk, he arrived from Czech Republic in good shape and with ten wins on his record.

Augustynik, who's been calling for step-up in competition, rose to the challenge, winning every round and dropping his game opponent heavily in round five.

The decisive attack started with a spiteful uppercut, shovelled accurately onto Budera's chin.

The Taunton man then went to work on the body, landing a damaging hook under the Czech's ribcage before putting him over with an overhand right.

Budera, who came to fight, pulled himself up from the canvas and saw out the six-round distance under heavy fire to his credit.

WATCH: Highlights of Augustynik's win (courtesy of Peter Wintrip)

The 26-year-old became Augustynik's tenth straight victim and the victorious Taunton star said: "I started a bit eager to impress.

"I could have taken my time more, but I ultimately got the victory I deserved.

"Budera was fit, strong and a level above the other guys I've beaten, so it was a useful exercise as I climb the ranks.

"The atmosphere was also on another level. Thank you to my loyal fan base who keep turning out for me. It means the world.

"Respect to my opponent, he came to win. He was in excellent shape but bigger challenges lie ahead."

Augustynik thanked his sponsors: P&P Autos, Activate Fitness, Rest & Relax : Sports & Holistic Massage Therapies, KNR Scaffolding, Taunton Training Centre, ProDog Raw, The Inner Garden, Growth Technology, Intense Nutrients, Peter Wintrip Video, The Goldmarket SW Ltd, DSG - Delta Security Group