Regional League 3
Vivary 44, Tor Knights 56

THE game began with an even first quarter, the scores level going into the second quarter.

Knights then fought hard to take a slight lead heading into half-time.

Vivary made some team changes to try and answer Knights, who were relentless and pulled further ahead.

The final quarter was more evenly matched again, but Vivary were not able to close the gap.

POM: Lauren Knight, OPOM: Susie Marsh; squad: Fee Grammer, Lauren Knight, Lauren Wilkinson, Ruby Porter, Tia Chaloner, Zoe Shadlock, Susie Marsh, Flora Collier, Amelia Watson, Nicole Smith; sponsor: Shine Hair Management

Regional League 3
Tone 51, Cornwall Storm 45

THE teams started well, with Tone taking a two-goal lead after the first period.

The second and third quarters saw Tone maintain their lead, with Storm making unforced errors, made to pay by Tone’s accurate shooting.

With a strong defence unit and pinpoint feeding into the shooters, Tone headed into the last quarter 43-31 up.

Storm came out strong in the final quarter, pushing Tone close, but the Taunton side stood strong and were able to cope with the pressure.

POMs: Lauren-Jade Griffiths and Jade Barnett, OPOM: Kim Tong; squad: Hannah Robins, Becky Lucas, Faye Symons, Jade Barnett, Kim Tong, Charlotte Halsall, Vicki Cornish, Gracie Stevens, Emily Tong, Lauren-Jade Griffiths; sponsor: The Kings Arms; match ball sponsor: Ling Shooting

Somerset Division 1
Monmouth 45, Purnell Harlequins 27

During the first quarter, Monmouth’s defence made some turnovers to afford them a 15-8 lead.

Monmouth continued to turn the ball over quickly during the second and third quarters to extend their lead (38-18).

Harlequins fought back in the final quarter, making some turnovers of their own, but Monmouth managed to hold onto their lead to register a win.

POM: Hanna Jarvis, OPOM: Abbey Teape; squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Hanna Jarvis, WA Rachel Morgan, C Kim Radford, WD Abbey Teape, GD Becky Lucas, GK Denise Evely/Verity Ward; sponsor: Wilkie May and Tuckwood; match ball sponsor: Ling Shooting

Somerset Division 4
Brendon 6, Purnell Jesters 31

Brendon hosted Purnell’s Jesters in Division 4, losing 6-31.

POM: Lexie Parsons, OPOM: Tina Follett; sponsor: Bridgwater & Taunton College; match ball sponsor: Eye Candy Photography