ON an autumnal Sunday afternoon, Eastover Park Bowling Club hosted the annual Barrie Smith Trophy final, which saw Bridgwater Bowling Club beat North Petherton Bowling Club by three points to one.

Rink winners were: G. Finch (BW) 23 v 18 M. Care (NP); I. Green (BW) 22 v 13 T. Russell (NP); J. Ferguson (NP) 21 v 7 J. Capon (BW); C. Mitchell (BW) 25 v 21 P. Howard (NP).

Congratulations to everyone at Bridgwater BC, who must now prepare for a return match next weekend in the final of the Trevor Cup where they will hope to repeat their victory.

Playing alongside the match were the four Hospital Cup semi-finalists – Gary Oliver, Andrew Marsh, Nicky Davey, all of Bridgwater BC, and Peter Walker of North Petherton BC.

Both games were played in the true spirit of the sport, with Oliver overcoming his team-mate Marsh by 21 shots to 14, and Walker taking the victory, also by 21 shots to 14, against Davey.

Oliver and Walker will meet in the final at Bridgwater BC this Sunday, September 8.