Somerset Division 2
Tudor 25, Queensway 79

TUDOR anticipated a tough match against their Galmington opponents, and when Queensway had tripled Tudor’s score at the end of the first quarter, the tone for the game was set (7-22).

Despite accurate shooting, Queensway’s defence made it difficult for Tudor to get the ball to the shooters and at half time Tudor trailed 17-40.

Queensway continued to run away with the lead, despite Tudor’s best efforts, leading 22-56 at the end of the third quarter.

The final quarter saw Queensway really pull away with interceptions and accurate shooting.

POM: Maddy Russell; squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Jess Larkman, WA Maddy Russell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Hayley Milne, GD Verity Ward, GK Tanya Binding; sponsor: Marked Skin

Quantock played Purnell’s Harlequins in Division 1, losing 29-48.

POM: Sharlie White; OPOM: Abbey Teape; sponsor: Mecca Bingo

Somerset Division 2
Blackdown 27, Venus 29

BLACKDOWN recently beat Bridgwater Venus by two goals so were keen to come out strong and see if they could repeat the feat.

A closely contested quarter saw Venus take the lead (5-8).

In the second quarter, some positional changes led to good communication and many tips and clean interceptions.

The attack also had a good quarter, with shooters growing in confidence and sinking some long shots to close the gap to 12-13.

Blackdown’s defence came out strong in the third quarter, picking up loose balls and making interceptions.

Patient play from the centre court saw some lovely feeds into the shooting circle and it was equal at the end of the third quarter.

At 19-19, it was all to play for, and Blackdown continued to fight for every ball in the final quarter.

Despite great back-up from the whole team throughout the court, Venus managed to edge ahead.

POM: Esther McCann; OPOM: Victoria Saban; squad: GS Lucy Hird, GA Lucy Cox, WA Kate Stubbins, C Louise Frost, WD Victoria Saban, GD Verity Ward, GK Esther McCann; sponsor: Mortgage Select

Somerset Division 2
Tudor 9, Reckleford 60

GOOD defence and accurate shooting by Yeovil Reckleford saw Tudor finish the first quarter trailing 3-15.

The second and third quarters saw Reckleford maintain their lead, with Tudor making errors and being made to pay by the opposition’s accurate shooting (9-41).

Despite some great interceptions across the court and some lovely team play, Tudor’s score didn’t reflect the team’s effort.

POM: Hayley Milne; OPOM: Maddy Russell; squad: GS Millie Chappell, GA Jess Larkman, WA Jess Chappell, C Charlotte O’Leary, WD Libby Binding, GD Hayley Milne, GK Trish Hutchinson