Somerset Premier

Bridgwater Saturn 49, Kestrels 32

SATURN began their match in high spirits for their last home game of the season.

There was strong shooting from Katy Cheese (GA) and Maddie Kennard (GS) which allowed them to get the lead in the first quarter, ending 11-7.

In the second quarter, Abbie Newton (GK) and Lisa Lukins (GD) fought against the opposition getting tips and interceptions, passing the ball down the court to Katie Anthony (WD) which allowed Saturn to pull forward even more.

In the third quarter, Saturn pulled ahead with strong passes into the circle from Ellie Schofield (WA) and Sammie Griffin (C) which allowed Saturn to convert centre passes and interceptions into goals.

Third quarter ended 41-25.

In the final quarter, the team ensured they maintained their work level and continued to put pressure on Kites, which enabled Saturn to keep a healthy lead.

Player of the match: Katy Cheese & Lisa Lukins; Opposition player: Katy Cheese; team sponsored by P.A.W Engineering Ltd.

Somerset Division 1

Neptune 26, Kites 19

DUE to the high winds, the first quarter saw the ball flying all over the place restricting both teams’ play.

Great interceptions and strong marking by Emily Harwood (GK) and Sally Haysham (GD) helped to keep the scoreline low, the first quarter ending six-all.

Neptune shooters Katie Harris (GS) and Izzy Inalls (GA), battling the winds as well as their defence, enabled Neptune to take a lead 11-8.

In the third quarter, Chris Durant (C) and Katie Anthony (WD) made great turnovers and allowed Neptune to maintain their lead.

During the last quarter, Hannah Sayer (WA) made good movement down the court and this was Neptune’s highest scoring quarter, with nine goals.

Player of the match - Sally Haysham; eam sponsored by Merrick Construction.

Somerset Division 2

Venus 39, Newbarn 44

VENUS began in high spirits with the advantage of playing inside, away from the strong winds.

Fantastic passing between the centre court of Jess Chee (C), Beth Hayes (WA) and Aiste Mockeliunaite (WD) gave them the lead in the first quarter, 10-7.

The second quarter saw a big drive from Newbarn but, despite this, the defensive duo of Ashlea Slater (GK) and Jasmine Alexander (GD) worked tirelessly.

However, Newbarn pulled ahead 20-16.

Re-energised by fresh legs, Venus reduced the lead to 28-31 to Newbarn.

The final quarter saw a new determination from Venus, with shooters Hazel Hucker (GS) and Izzy Keane (GA) working hard under pressure but it was just too much.

Player and Opposition player of the match: Izzy Keane; team sponsored by TMB Patterns Ltd.

Somerset Division 3

Luna 50, Kingfishers 21

LUNA started quickly on the indoor court with Beth Coleman (C) and Alison Sanders (WA), Sarah Edwards (GA) and Sharon Ethridge (GS) having to move quickly to get to the ball against a very strong Kingfishers defence.

Luna ended the first quarter leading 12-4.

In the second quarter, Kingfishers’ attacking team tested Luna’s defence with Rebecca Dunn (GD) and Micheala Hopkins (GK) springing around the circle gaining interceptions.

Gail Cornish (C), Dawn Gardener (WA) and Laura Date (WD) continued to probe the Kingfishers’ defence, resulting in an unassailable 40-15 lead going into the final quarter.

Player of the match: Sarah Edwards; opposition player: Rebecca Dunn.