AFTER four and a half years of tireless training, Taunton’s Dave Bimson is celebrating his Black Belt achievement in Kick-Boxing after a gruelling two-hour grading on April 7.

Bimson was tested on his physical and mental resolve which involved an exhaustion test, mental test of skill, power demonstration against pads and breaker boards, and culminated in sparring multiple rounds in the ring, including several two-minute rounds of fighting two attackers at once.

Chief instructor Mark Pengelly, 5th Degree, said: “Dave showed true warrior spirit and is the epitome of the Black Belt mindset.

“Not only does he put everything into his training in the class but he always supports other students in their martial arts journey too.

“I am hugely proud to award him this prestigious title.”

This comes just two weeks after Bimson fought at the Gloucester Open 2019 and won silver and bronze for his very competitive categories.

Sixteen junior and adult students from the club fought at the event and brought home a total of one gold medal, five silver medals and four bronze medals.

The event was the first that most of the fighters had competed in so it was a massive victory for them to do so well.

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