RUNNING Forever hosted the Humdinger Half Marathon and Hurtle Races on Sunday.

Based at the Wellsprings Leisure Centre, these are hilly races which always attract a good field of runners.

Conditions were challenging with heavy rain leaving the course flooded in places but this didn’t deter the 224 Humdinger and 117 Hurtle finishers.

First man home in the Humdinger was Toby Chapman, from Bournemouth AC, who finished in 1.17.24 for a new course record.

Second was Phil Thorne from North Devon RRC in 1.22.09 with Liam Culliford from Mendip Triathlon third in 1.22.31.

In the women’s race, the winner was Helen Anthony, of Taunton AC, in 1.35.22.

Second place went to Thea Sanders from Taunton AC in 1.41.23, with Westbury Harriers’ Liz Lovelock taking third in 1.42.11.

The team prize went to Minehead Running Club for the ladies; Teignbridge Trotters won the male prize.

The Hurtle also saw the course record broken by Hannah Taunton of Taunton AC (and Running Forever) and her 26.49.1 finish.

Second in the women’s race was Jane Hardacre, of South West Veterans AC, in 34.03.9, with Julie Gilbert, of Just Run Taunton, taking third in 36.10.4.

First in the men’s Hurtle race was local man Sam White, who runs for Taunton AC, in 26.43.4.

Running Forever would like to thank all of those who took part or helped out on the day.

Thanks also due to the staff at Wellsprings Leisure Centre for help and also the local residents.

Many of the usual suspects were involved in organising and helping out on Sunday, so it was a smaller field of Running Forever RC runners who took part.

First home in the Humdinger was Chris Brown, in 1.39.01, followed by Tom Brodie in 1.39.58, and then Georgina Brice in 2.27.03.

Running Forever had five entrants in the Hurtle – Hannah Taunton (in Taunton AC colours) crossing the line in 26.41 (first lady and course record).

Next in was Sam Stamp with a time of 41.31, Craig Moore in 45.36, then Rachel Nicholls in 48.54.

Next was Sarah Reed and Rachel Reid with times of 54.05 and 55.36, respectively; they were both members of the club’s Beginners Group last year and have made great progress with their running.

Humdinger Top 50 (chip times)

1. Toby Chapman (Bournemouth AC, 1:17:24.7); 2. Phil Thorne (North Devon RRC, 1:22:09.8); 3. Liam Culliford (Mendip Triathlon, 1:22:31.2); 4. Roger Easterbrook (Teignbridge Trotters, 1:23:58.0); 5. Ashley Jackson (Somerset RC Tri, 1:24:50.2); 6. Mark Goodridge (Royal Navy Triathlon, 1:25:46.8); 7. Milan Goc (South West Road Runners, 1:25:57.9); 8. Arthur Dickson-Bell (1:26:01.0); 9. Chris Selman (Weston AC, 1:26:10.5); 10. David Edwards (1:26:39.8); 11. Garry Smart (Teignbridge Trotters, 1:27:11.9); 12. Rob Gittoes (1:28:51.9); 13. James Browning (1:29:24.1); 14. Liam Nash (1:32:27.2); 15. Paul Thomas (Crewkerne RC, 1:32:35.2); 16. Josh Harris (Weston AC, 1:32:46.8); 17. Matthew Dalton (Riviera Racers, 1:33:31.7); 18. Lance Mason (Teignbridge Trotters, 1:34:09.3); 19. Mike Mears (Honiton RC, 1:34:27.9); 20. Nicholas Cull (Torbay Tri Club, 1:34:38.7); 21. Scott Hunter (South West Road Runners, 1:34:43.6); 22. Helen Anthony (Teignbridge Trotters, 1:35:22.6); 23. Chris Loach (Weston AC, 1:35:25.2); 24. Mark Foss (Hydro Harriers, 1:35:48.7); 25. Gareth Goodwin (1:36:48.3); 26. Andrew Pearson (Bideford AAC, 1:37:06.2); 27. Martin Staples (1:37:09.3); 28. Dave Whittaker (1:37:13.3); 29. Julian Jenkins (1:37:30.6); 30. Chris Brown (Running Forever RC, 1:38:59.7); 31. Stuart Diamond (Weston AC, 1:39:42.0); 32. Christopher Hayward (1:39:52.9); 33. Tom Brodie (Running Forever RC, 1:39:55.0); 34. Ian Salter (Hydro Harriers, 1:40:20.3); 35. Matt Powell (Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 1:41:03.2); 36. Liam Whyte (Chard Road Runners, 1:41:11.7); 37. Thea Sanders (Taunton AC, 1:41:23.3); 38. Ed Menon (1:41:36.0); 39. Dominic Bowden (Minehead RC, 1:41:50.9); 40. Liz Lovelock (Westbury Harriers, 1:42:11.2); 41. Andrew Piper (Wells City Harriers, 1:42:45.3); 42. James Murray (Bideford AAC, 1:43:10.7); 43. Verity Elston (Minehead RC, 1:43:17.2); 44. Carl Ward (Taunton AC, 1:43:35.8); 45. Neil Basil (Wellington Weavers RC, 1:43:36.2); 46. Mike Bosley (Wells City Harriers, 1:44:03.3); 47. Quin Drakes (Minehead RC, 1:44:09.8); 48. Patrick Casey (Taunton AC, 1:44:17.7); 49. Andrew Cockcroft (1:44:21.9); 50. Chris Searle (Wells City Harriers, 1:44:24.0).

Hurtle Top 50 (chip times)

1. Sam White (Taunton AC, 26:43.4); 2. Matthew Lusby (26:47.3); 3. Hannah Taunton (Taunton AC, 26:49.1); 4. Marcus Albano (Taunton AC, 27:31.6); 5. Danny Doyle (Minehead RC, 28:18.2); 6. Andrew Saunders (32:23.6); 7. Kev Manning (33:07.3); 8. James Clapperton (33:35.3); 9. Robin Green (Taunton AC, 33:48.2); 10. Duncan Moore (34:00.4); 11. Jane Hardacre (South West Veterans AC, 34:03.1); 12. Chris Larcombe (Langport Runners, 34:08.5); 13. Barry Holder (34:19.8); 14. Alfie Threlfall (34:47.1); 15. Darren Thomas (35:01.2); 16. Julie Gilbert (Just Run, 36:10.4); 17. James Fincher (Taunton RC, 36:33.7); 18. Phil Priestman (36:33.8); 19. Jon Stafford (36:58.7); 20. Amy Cook (Minehead RC, 37:14.2); 21. James Stone (37:21.1); 22. Doug Harris (37:25.3); 23. Terry Prowse (TNR Harriers, 37:39.9); 24. Sarah Warren (Somerset RC Tri, 37:51.4); 25. Samuel Oatley (Somerset RC Tri, 37:57.2); 26. Natalie Garfoot (Redway Runners, 38:09.0); 27. Suzie Daw (Just Run, 38:42.3); 28. Peter Carthew (38:46.2); 29. Suzi Griffiths (Taunton AC, 39:25.6); 30. Liam Bloomfield (39:30.4); 31. Zoe Groody (Just Run, 39:33.6); 32. Kerrie Bawden (Taunton RC, 40:10.8); 33. Joanne Routley (Taunton RC, 40:12.6); 34. Mark Benton (Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 40:13.2); 35. Steve Barge (40:17.8); 36. Helen Robson (Langport Runners/Taunton RC, 40:24.9); 37. Ian Canney (40:32.0); 38. Vicki Canney (40:32.0); 39. Ben Yarde (40:38.1); 40. Kristie Barrett (40:50.3); 41. Sam Stamp (Running Forever RC, 41:04.5); 42. Kevin Willcocks (TNR/JRT, 41:16.7); 43. Kelly Sherriff (Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 41:19.9); 44. Tanya Boobyer (Burnham-on-Sea Harriers, 41:20.5); 45. Kate Lacey (Sedgemoor Striders, 41:39.2); 46. Jason Routley (Taunton RC, 41:48.0); 47. Cameron Mann (42:01.5); 48. Vanessa Saunders-Singer (42:04.1); 49. Rebecca Oatley (Synergy Sport & Remedia Massage, 42:13.4); 50. Hayley Milne (Taunton RC, 42:18.2); 51. Fenton Court (42:18.2).


TAUNTON Athletics Club had a bumper crop of runners out and about at the weekend.

Several stayed close to home, competing in the Humdinger (half marathon) and Hurtle (4.5-miles) races around Taunton.

Thea Sanders was second lady home in the Humdinger, in a time of 1.41.23, followed by Carl Ward (1.43.35), Patrick Casey (1.44.17) and Mark Bysouth (1.48.16).

First TAC finisher in the Hurtle was Sam White (26.43), just six seconds ahead of club-mate and first lady Hannah Taunton (26.49).

Marcus Albano was third male in 27.31, ahead of Robin Green (33.48) and Suzi Griffiths (39.25).

At the Chichester 10k, meanwhile, Kate Drew performed superbly amid a competitive field of international runners.

At the Exmouth Express five-mile race, Keith Paul was top dog for TAC, finishing in 29.48 to claim a PB and second in the V50 category.

Robin Green followed in 36.52 (PB), Lesley Westgate 41.09 (second V60), Ursula Green 43.51 and Sharron Kington 46.03.

All four TAC runners came in under the 90-minute mark at the Exeter Half.

Battling the windy conditions, James Mulready was first back in 1.24.29 (PB), with Neil Smith (1.25.47, PB), Emma Kiernan (1.26.21, first lady) and Jason Louis 1.29.37.


THE adventurous always deem the Humdinger their first challenge of the year, the less adventurous usually decide to take on the Hurtle, which is a friendlier run just less than five miles.

The Humdinger, a half marathon, run entirely on quiet roads through the Quantocks, with over 1,000ft of ascent, is one of the toughest Half Marathons in the area.

Running his second half marathon event of the weekend, Just Run’s Paul Main, having completed the Afan Trail half marathon the day before in under two hours.

He was first back for the Just Run group in a time of 1:47:00.

Close behind was Ashley Stewart completing the course in 1:47:19 and, less than a minute later crossing the line in 1:48:15, came Chris Melley.

Other finishers included James Pither 2:11:09, Haydn North 2:14:28 and, finally, Donna Adams in a creditable 2:32:23.

Meanwhile, the Hurtle was finished with the ladies from the group impressing throughout.

First in her age category, and third female overall, was Julie Gilbert in an impressive time of 36:10.

Next home was Suzie Daw finishing in a time of 38:42 closely followed by the returning Zoe Goody in a time of 39:33.

Mandy Clements finished in a credible time of 43:46.

Kev Willcocks finished in 41:16 with Rob Greenslade home in 45:36.