A YACHT which had run aground was rescued by Burnham-on-Sea RNLI at the weekend.

On Sunday (September 26) volunteers from Burnham RNLI went out for an afternoon training session to familiarise themselves with the kit and procedures before full training resumes in October.

Both of the RNLI's lifeboats were near the River Brue carrying out their exercises when the Atlantic crew were made aware of a yacht that had overshot its moorings and had run aground.

There was shallow water in the river and the Atlantic was unable to reach the vessel so the D class lifeboat was asked to assist.

The owner of the yacht had managed to secure lines but couldn't pull themselves off.

A member of the D crew was placed on board the yacht to assist and with some effort the yacht was secured on its mooring.

The tide was quickly leaving the river and the D class lifeboat took the owner along with their dog and two children back to the pontoons and the tender vessel.

The Atlantic lifeboat had already been recovered and all the boats returned to the station.

D Class Helm Marc Smith said: "This tasking came after what was a near full training session. We were very happy to assist and it wasn't an easy operation both with the position of the yacht and the fast tide.’

"I’d like to give huge credit to my crew Martin and Laura. Their professional, efficient and empathetic actions delivered a positive outcome today."