A SOMERSET teenager staged the most northerly climate strike protest in a bid to highlight environmental issues.

Bird prodigy and activist Mya-Rose Craig, from Compton Martin, who is known as 'Birdgirl' for her exploits as an ornithologist, travelled to the edge of the Arctic ice - north of Svalbard - to protest a lack of action over the melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean.

The 18 year old protested on an ice floe, holding the message, 'Youth Strike for Climate'.

“I’m here because I want to see for myself what’s at stake as this crucial protector of the planet, the Arctic Ocean, melts away at a terrifying rate," she said.

"Today, myself and Fridays For Future activists from all over the world are standing up to call for urgent action against climate breakdown.

"I’m here to demand that our leaders come together and create ocean sanctuaries to protect this essential but fragile place and at least 30% of our oceans.

"There is still time to turn things around towards more sustainable energies and lifestyles, and that moment must be now."

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Healthy oceans keep carbon safely stored out of the atmosphere, helping to reduce the impacts of the climate crisis.

By protecting at least 30% of the oceans with a network of sanctuaries, marine ecosystems can build resilience to better withstand rapid climatic changes.

Scientists have identified the Arctic as one of the priority areas needing protection as part of a global network of ocean sanctuaries because of it’s vital importance to climate stability.

Mya-Rose was on the Arctic ice edge with the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise as part of an expedition documenting the impact of the climate crisis and investigating marine life in the region.

The tour coincides with the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity where marine protection should be front and centre to any discussions about protecting biodiversity.

Mya-Rose Craig is one of millions of youth activists and climate strikers across the world who are demanding action and accountability from our leaders in tackling the commodification of nature for profit.

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PREPARATION: Campaigner Sarah Methven, left),and Mya-Rose Craig prepare signs. PICTURE: Greenpeace

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