A WOMAN called the police after people continued to defecate and urinate in her garden and outside her home while visiting Brean Beach on Bank Holiday weekend.

June Day, who lives at Brean Down Cove, hit out at 'unhygienic' tourists last week for using the beach and the streets as a lavatory during their trips to the beach.

The 58-year-old claims that people have gone for a wee in her garden and have even defecated against her fence and on the pavement near her house.

She criticised the National Trust for failing to open toilets near to the beach as she said reopening the facilities would solve the problem.

A spokesperson for the National Trust said the charity would open toilets across Britain ' where able.'

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But June said no toilets have been reopened and scores of people flocked to the beach on Bank Holiday weekend and continued to defecate on the beach and in her garden.

She said the influx of visitors has not seen the problem improve and she has received some abuse from beach-goers.

June said she has grown frustrated with the problem and reported the incidents outside her property to the police.

"I contacted the police to report the toileting and asked them to record it as indecent exposure, both of which are illegal," June said.

"The toilets still shut, people are still visiting needing to relieve themselves.

"The police told me to keep reporting it, to put up CCTV notices as well as the CCTV camera.

"I feel quite low and that’s because I’ve been hitting my head against a brick wall.

"The police tried to help but I think they are so busy they have so much to deal with they can’t spread themselves around enough."

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police, said officers have advised Mrs Day on how to protect her property and are working to find ways to prevent such behaviour.

"Over the weekend we attended the address of a woman in Brean on Sunday, May 24 and Monday, May 25.

"She reported a number of people had been urinating against her garden fence.

"Words of advice were given to her about protecting her property.

"Officers also spoke to members of the public in the surrounding area, although none of them are believed to be connected to the incidents.

"We will ensure the council and National Trust are made aware of the issue."

A spokesperson for the National Trust said: "We are making opening decisions based on local conditions and working with the local council to align our plans and urge anyone who wants to visit to check our website before travelling.

"Where we are able, we will open toilets at our countryside car parks.

"We had hoped to open the toilets at Brean Down but are still waiting on PPE equipment to arrive so we can ensure our staff remain safe and also so we can protect our visitors. 

"We will publish available toilet facilities on our website, but visitors should be aware that these may change from time to time."