AN EMERGENCY shop in Brent Knoll is now selling food items which had been produced for the first class cabins on a global airline.

Brent Knoll Emergency Shop said it has benefitted from flights being grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic as it is now selling food items at bargain prices, including boxed savoury wraps and bags of vacuum-packed mature Cheddar cheese portions.

David Sturgess, a member of the shop’s steering group, said: “We have been thrilled by the support we have received from so many suppliers.

"In addition to having a full range of flour from a Cotswold mill – at a time when the major supermarkets are struggling to meet demand – we are also getting help from such remote supporters as a world airline.

“We have also received donations of yoghurts, soups, and cornetto ice-creams to boost our stock, alongside local residents donating vegetable seedlings and cherries”, said Mr Sturgess.

“This is the very essence of a community shop – and a community venture," Mr Sturgess said.

The emergency shop was opened by a group of volunteers in April in response to the Covid-19 crisis after the closure of both the post office and village shop in Brent Knoll.

The shop’s team of volunteers have now agreed to extend the opening of the emergency shop until the end of June, and will review its future at that time in tune with whatever are the Government’s guidelines.

The Brent Knoll Community Shop venture has been accepted for full membership of the Plunkett Foundation – the national charity which has backed more than 300 successful village community shops.

The group has applied to become a Community Benefit Society to open a permanent Community Shop and try to restore the Brent Knoll Post Office.