MORE than 20 drivers have been identified following an investigation into antisocial driving in Cheddar Gorge.

Officers from Avon and Somerset Police have spent a significant amount of time reviewing footage of offences following a car meet in the gorge on Sunday, March 8.

As a result officers have completed the following actions:

- Twenty-one drivers were given official Antisocial Behaviour Warning Letters after they were observed to be driving in a manner or participating in activities during the car meet that would likely cause alarm or distress to member of the public, including very hard acceleration, loud exhaust, back firing, excessive engine revving etc.

- Two drivers reported for driving without due care and attention.

- Three drivers issued with Section 59 Warnings for driving without due care and attention, and in a manner that would likely cause alarm and distress to members of public, such as wheel spinning and drifting.

- Five drivers reported to DVLA for number plate offences, where number plates displayed did not conform to the required standards.

- One driver reported to DVLA for driving a motor vehicle with no valid vehicle tax.

PC James Fowler said: “We take reports of antisocial behaviour and driving in Cheddar Gorge extremely seriously.

“Cheddar Gorge is an area of outstanding natural beauty and sadly antisocial driving such as this ruins the gorge for law-abiding members of the public and more seriously endangers those who are out walking and the animals who live there.

“We’ve worked closely with the parish council and the local speedwatch group to try to reduce this issue and we’re grateful for their continued support.

“We hope the legal action we’ve taken over the past couple of months acts as a warning to anyone under the misapprehension that reckless and driving is acceptable. It is not and we will continue to monitor the gorge closely.

"We’d ask anyone with further footage on antisocial driving in Cheddar Gorge to report it to the police through our website or on 101, giving reference number 5220089941."