HINKLEY C will have fewer than 2,000 workers on site from next week, it has been confirmed.

In an update from the Hinkley C Construction Delivery Director Nigel Cann last night, he said work was now being focused on a limited number of critical areas on site and at Combwich.

Mr Cann said EDF had reacted to local concerns about the movement of workers by bringing in 60 extra buses so that services can run only 30 per cent full.

"The move we announced to concentrate bus pick-ups on our controlled park and rides sites is almost complete," Mr Cann said.

"We are reminding workers lodged in the local community that moving to our Campus accommodation is a requirement and we are providing this accommodation at no charge."

Other measures such as temperature checks, extra cleaning, hand sanitisers, more space in canteens and toilets remain in place.

Mr Cann continued: "Like people all across the country and in the community, workers at Hinkley Point C have shown great personal responsibility in adapting to new behaviours.

"We will keep listening to our workers, unions and the community and where we can improve, we will."

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has said it is assured the control measures in place at Hinkley Point C are appropriate.