THE Mayor of Burnham and Highbridge said he is 'humbled and proud' of how the community is 'pulling together' to help those in need.

Cllr Andy Brewer, Mayor of Burnham and Highbridge, said the outbreak of coronavirus has created 'an unprecedented situation across the country' and in the community and praised community groups for their hard work to help the vulnerable and elderly.

The Mayor also praised volunteers at Highbridge Area Foodbank for their hard work and said the town council agreed to make funds available if they need help.

He said: “Whilst many people are undoubtedly facing very difficult circumstances I’ve been both humbled and proud of how our community is pulling together with practical offers of help and assistance to those most in need.

“The setting up of the new Helpline by the Burnham Information Centre (BIARS) and the Burnham and Highbridge Coronavirus Support Group has provided a focal point for the coordination of community support.

“Over the coming weeks the foodbanks in Burnham and Highbridge are likely to face a significant increase in demand for their services, therefore at the emergency meeting on Monday evening the town council agreed to make funds available to give emergency assistance, if required, to the Highbridge based food bank.

“I’ve also found it really encouraging over the past few days to hear numerous reports of individual offers of help to vulnerable people and those living alone from their neighbours and other people with whom they have not previously had direct contact.

“Whilst this is a difficult and challenging time for all of us all, we must stay positive and stay safe, whilst offering support to those groups in our communities who are working so hard to fight this virus."