A LOPEN woman who allegedly lost her temper with a female during a night out in Yeovil was said to have attacked her as she was sat down drinking with friends.

Ashley Cutler (formerly Fitch) claimed she had been threatened by the complainant earlier that evening and was then alleged to have grabbed her from behind as she sat on a stool, yanking her to the ground.

The 25-year-old defendant, of Water Street, appeared before Somerset Magistrates where she pleaded not guilty to assaulting Alice Christopher by beating her at Wetherspoons in Yeovil on September 22 last year.

Prosecutor Ben Winzer said that the complainant was said to have been known to Cutler who allegedly came up behind Miss Christopher while she was sat on a stool and pulled her backwards causing her to fall from the stool onto the floor.

Staff at the pub in Middle Street then ejected the defendant from the premises and the victim suffered a swelling and went to hospital for treatment.

The court at Yeovil was told that Cutler claimed the complainant had made threats towards her earlier that evening.

The case was reviewed and the allegation was adjourned until April 6 when Cutler was ordered to return to the court to stand trial. In the meantime she was released on unconditional bail.