IF you're over 55 and live in Somerset, you'll probably score higher in the driving theory test than most people in this country.

The Department of Transport says only 47 per cent of provisional drivers passed their theory test over the past 12 months - down 15 per cent in just over a decade.

Van Monster decided to survey 2,000 across the UK amid suggestions that the test is arguably the toughest it's ever been.

They were asked 15 questions from the test to see how they'd do today.

The results took into account age, location and even gender.

Some of the stats include:

•Only one in 20 passed the test with a pass rate of 86 per cent or above;

•People aged over 55 scored the best, suggesting older drivers aren’t necessarily the worst;

•People in the South West were most likely to pass the test.

To take the test to see how you would score, check out www.vanmonster.com/en-gb/could-you-pass-your-theory-test-today