Up to 150 new homes could still be built near a “death trap” in Crewkerne.

Land Value Alliances LLP put forward plans for a major new development south of Kithill, between the town’s southern edge and the railway line.

Two separate committees on South Somerset District Council refused the plans, arguing the town was “at breaking point” and the new homes would put unacceptable pressure on the narrow local roads.

But these decisions could be overturned later this year after the developer appealed against the council.

The council’s area west committee first refused the plans in August 2019, arguing that any increase in traffic on Cathole Bridge Road would put people in danger.

Cathole Bridge Road is used as a rat run by traffic wishing to reach Crewkerne railway station without going through the one-way system in the town centre.

Councillor Linda Vijeh described the road as a “death trap”, and said it “beggars belief” that more comprehensive traffic surveys had not been carried out.

The plans were subsequently refused again in September by the council’s regulation committee, which has the final say on all developments of ten houses or more.

Councillor Robin Pailthorpe – who represents Crewkerne – said it was not possible to widen any section of the road, as the developer had intended.

Speaking at the time, he said: “I’ve travelled this road many, many times – if you manage to get from one end of the road to the other without having to pause because of a large vehicle coming at you, you’re very lucky.

“Because Crewkerne doesn’t have any roads that bypass it, this lane – and it is a lane – is the closest we have.

“Everyone avoids Crewkerne like the plague because of the traffic pressures already there.”

The Planning Inspectorate has confirmed the appeal will be heard via written representations and a site visit – meaning residents will not be able to directly address the inspector at any public inquiry.

Residents have until 5pm on Tuesday (January 21) to make any formal representation via the inspectorate’s website.

Both the developer and the council will put forward their arguments by February 4.

The site visit date has yet to be confirmed.

To make a formal representation, visit planninginspectorate.gov.uk and search for case number 3240967.