STARS of Escape to the Chateau, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, are embarking on their first ever theatre tour in 2020.

Dick & Angel – Dare To Do It is an 18-date tour, which starts in Edinburgh on February 23 runs until March 23.

Millions of viewers across the world have been enthralled over the past few years by Dick and Angel’s adventures, but retired Lieutenant Colonel, engineer and chef Dick and his entrepreneur and designer wife Angel, still have many untold tales to tell.

Audiences will have the chance to gain fascinating insights into what inspired the husband and wife team, who fell in love in 2010, to bring their fairy tale castle, the Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson back to life and turn it into the flourishing and continually evolving business it is today.

Dick and Angel said: “Life at the Chateau is busy for us; hosting events, balancing family life, and filming. So there aren’t many opportunities for people to spend time with us here at the Chateau. We thought a tour of the UK would be a family adventure and allow us to meet many more people!

“Hopefully, our story will encourage people to follow their dream and if they leave us realising that life is for living, we will have done a good job.

“We always say that you can’t write the script that puts a crusty old Colonel and a city girl in a castle in France with two beautiful children. Our story is a love story that has been shaped by us dreaming about our life together and then doing it. Hopefully, this is a strong message and may encourage others to ‘dare to do it’!”

This is The West Country:

The charismatic pair have a love story to share and will reveal how they ended up in a beautiful castle, with a beautiful family, in a beautiful part of France.

During this highly entertaining evening, the duo explains who they are, where they have come from, how they met and why they dared to do it.

Dick & Angel - Dare to Do It will be at Westlands in Yeovil on March 7 2020.

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