A FAMILY’S coffee morning which is being held in memory of their beloved dad is set to receive an unexpected boost thanks to a TV celebrity.

Every year the Warren family, from Chard, hold a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support.

This year was already set to be a special occasion for them as it is being held 10 years since father-of-five Guy Warren passed away.

Now, the fundraiser will be even more special as famous actor and Macmillan patron Martin Clunes will be dropping in.

The surprising star’s unexpected appearance is all thanks to Kenndrah Warren, one of Guy’s children and an organiser of the coffee morning.

She said: “I am very much obsessed with Martin Clunes, and we have been following him around for years. He goes to a lot of charity things and he does a fair at his farm that we go to.”

Kenndrah, who said she has probably met Mr Clunes around 20 times, said that she sent a letter to the star of Men Behaving Badly and Doc Martin, who has now confirmed his attendance.

Although Mr Clunes addition is set to bring in a few extra members of the public, Kenndrah was keen to remind people that the coffee morning is all in memory of her dad.

She added: “Dad has always been a great role model, kind and caring and thought the world of his family.

“Without Macmillan, our dad’s last 19 days would not have been as comfortable as they were and we as a family would not have received the support we needed when our whole world had been turned upside down.”

Guy had five children, as well as 15 grandchildren and one great grandson. He died of cancer at home aged 49.

The fundraiser is from 9.30am to 12.30pm on September 21 at Chard’s Guildhall.