A CAR which was stranded on Burnham-on-Sea beach had to be towed to safety after it got stuck in soft sand.

Rescue workers from BARB Search and Rescue were called at 3.09pm on Tuesday (September 17) to reports of a stranded car stuck in soft sand on Burnham beach at the Maddock’s Slade entrance.

The driver had asked a resident if she could drive onto the beach because the gate was open and was told that it was fine but once she got onto the sand she realised that it wasn't the beach she usually uses and her car wheels had sunk into the soft sand.

A spokesman for BARB, said: "BARB used its winch and 'waffle boards' to quickly free the vehicle.

"The owner was grateful for our help and made a donation towards our charity's work.

"This entrance is only for the use of emergency service vehicles and council vehicles."