IT WAS a busy weekend for Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard as they were called out three times in one hour.

As beachgoers enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday (September 15) the Coastguard were called to incidents on Berrow and Brean beaches.

The Coastguard was initially called at around 3.45pm to reports of person wading across the mud at Brean Down Cove.

A group of people had been walking in the mud at the beach and turned back as the tide came in but one member of the group decided to see how far they could walk in the mud and became tired.

BARB Search and Rescue also went to the scene and the Coastguard sent two rescue officers out to meet him and give him safety advice as no mud rescue intervention was required.

A spokesman for the Coastguard, said: "While most of the group made the right choice and headed back in, one of them wanted to see how far he could walk.

"This isn't the best choice to make especially with an incoming tide and the energy-sapping mud gripping your legs.

"Although it wasn't the best idea we always take into account the fact that without knowing the dangers it can be easy to assume you are just having an adventure that doesn't carry many risks."

While the Coastguard was with the man who had been stuck in the mud they were called again at 4.30pm to help a man at Brean Beach who had become unwell.

Beach wardens found the man, who was in need of medical assistance, and called for an ambulance. When the Coastguard arrived one of their team waited by the entrance to the beach for the ambulance while the rest of the team headed out to see the man and see what help he needed.

Paramedics came and checked the man over and took him to the ambulance for further checks.

As the Coastguard finished helping the man at Brean Beach they were called to reports of a mini bus stuck in sand at Berrow Beach with four people on board.

The team went down to the beach to ensure there was no one at risk and when they arrived they confirmed no one was in danger and water from the incoming tide would not reach the minibus.

The spokesman said: "Unlike most vehicles we get tasked to this one was actually at the very top of the beach alongside the posts and had sunk its front wheel into the loose soft sand.

"We liaised with the operations centre and were able to assist the minibus with a hefty push from the team and in a matter of seconds, it was freed and mobile enabling the family to make their way home following a fun day at the beach.

"After a hectic couple of hours, we were free to head back to the station, give the truck a wash and head off home for Sunday dinner with our families.

"Three call-outs each one very different which just goes to show we never know what kind of incident we will be called to but whatever it is we are always ready."

If you see anyone in danger or difficulty along the coast call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.