BREXIT, Climate Change, the Badger Cull…Britain is up in arms about everything. With his latest tour, Healing the Nation, Andy Parsons aims to take on these arguments through his love of comedy.

Andy said: “The nation is divided, and comedy is a way of healing. At the moment people are worried about the country – who knows what will happen. But we are all in it together and all want similar things.

“We are divided about everything – climate change, the badger cull, Brexit – I deconstruct these ideas and put them back together. But I am not a shock comic, there are always people who will disagree, and I just show each counter argument.

“Our country is peaceful compared to other countries, even though we are divided – there are no tanks, no wars and we still have comedy and freedom of speech.”

And so, a year and a half after his last tour (Peak Bullsh*t), Andy has decided to use this freedom of speech on his latest tour – Healing the Nation.

He began his career with a law degree which, luckily for us, he never really put to good use.

Andy said: “Well I originally studied Law at university, but I didn’t really get on with it. I got a job working at a Law firm. I started bunking off to write scripts for BBC radio and the law firm eventually gave me redundancy.”

“What really inspired me was the nature of the job – I write comedy, so I didn’t have to get back on a commuter train and work a normal job.”

This is The West Country:

Andy has been seen on various TV shows, such as Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and Q.I.

Andy said: “I did lots of writing for TV and they sometimes told me that my jokes weren’t right for TV or they weren’t funny enough – so I started doing gigs to try out the jokes. That’s how I got into stand-up.

“Having my name on a poster and your very own tour is a dream come true. This is my fifth or sixth tour and it is fantastic. There is no better feeling than performing live. It is a complete adrenaline rush. I just love it.

“I prefer it to TV as there are no camera angles, no reshoots – that can all be quite frustrating.”

Andy is bringing his Healing the Nation tour to Westlands in Yeovil on October 17, a place he has been to many times.

He said: “I loved playing in Yeovil in the past and I think I have been there on every tour. It is a fantastic place and I can’t wait to be back again in October.

“Everywhere I go the audience is different every night. The show itself will be topical and relevant to where I am – so each one will be a one-off and unique.”

So come and celebrate what it means to be British with Andy’s latest tour – Healing the Nation. To find out more visit or call 01935 422 884.