'PLEASE don't risk your dogs or your own safety, keep them on leads on high ground.'

Those are the words of volunteers from Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard who are urging dog owners to take extra care of their pets after a dog died by falling down a cliff face at Brean Down.

The coastguard were called to Brean Down on Saturday (August 17) following reports that a dog had fallen off the side of a cliff and the dog's owner was at risk as they were trying to find it.

When the coastguard arrived they found the dog's owner and took them to safe ground.

They then, along with Weston-super-Mare Coastguard and Weston RNLI, scoured the base of Brean Down in a bid to find the Jack Russell English Bull Terrier and did a foot search along the top of the down but sadly the dog was not found.

The dog was later found by the Coastguard on Tuesday morning (August 20) at Berrow Beach and a spokesman for the Coastguard urged dog owner's to take care of their pets.

"Thanks to the dog walker who spotted it and reported it to us, we have spoken to the beach wardens who had already been and collected the dog and informed the owner," the spokesman said.

"This is another sad outcome and a stark reminder to keep dogs on leads at all times while on Brean Down, there are goats and other wildlife and so many different sights and smells they will want to chase.

"The long sloping ground ends sharply with a sheer drop that once they are at speed will be unavoidable.

"Please don't risk your dogs or your own safety, keep them on leads on high ground.

"We are always on call 24/7, if needed then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.

"If you follow our advice you probably won't need to call us."