TALENTED Dr John Cooper Clarke will bring his Luckiest Guy Alive tour to Weston-super-Mare this winter.

John Cooper Clarke shot to prominence in the 1970s as the original peoples poet.

Since then his career has spanned cultures, audiences, art forms and continents.

This lifelong craft has been most recently embodied in his book of poetry The Luckiest Guy Alive, which was released worldwide in November on Picador/Macmillan.

John Cooper Clarke is as relevant and vibrant as ever, and his influence just as visible on today’s pop culture. Aside from his trademark ‘look’ continuing to resonate with fashionistas young and old, and his poetry included on national curriculum syllabus, his effect on modern music is huge.

His influence can be heard within the keen social observations of the Arctic Monkeys and Plan B. These collaborations mean that John has been involved in two recent global number one albums with The Arctic Monkeys putting one of John’s best loved poems, I Wanna Be Yours, to music on their critically acclaimed A:M Album.

His latest show, touring across the UK, USA, Canada and Australasia, is a mix of classic verse, extraordinary new material, hilarious ponderings on modern life, good honest gags, riffs and chat - a chance to witness a living legend at the top of this game.

Dr John will be at The Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare on December 2 at 7:30pm. Tickets for the show cost £24.50 for premium seats, or £20 for standard seats.

To book visit tropicanaweston.co.uk or call 01934 626 982. For more information about Dr John visit www.johncooperclarke.com