JOIN The Bishop’s Palace for their final outdoor theatre production of the season.

Heartbreak Productions will entertain theatre-goers on Friday, August 16 with an adaptation of Emily Bronte’s classic Wuthering Heights.

A haunting tale of two restless souls as wild and untamed as the bleak Yorkshire moors.

A tale of love and passionate bonds; when the lovers are driven apart by Cathy’s ambition for social elevation, Heathcliff turns vengeful and sets out to enact a torturous scheme of revenge on the next generation of Earnshaws.

This ghostly story of wandering spirits and reckless liaisons will be enhanced by the stunning setting amongst the ruins of the Palace’s Great Hall.

The production begins at 6:30pm (doors 5:30pm) and audiences are invited to bring a picnic blanket or low-backed seating along with their own picnic and drinks.

For further details and ticket prices visit