COUNCILLORS in Bridgwater are calling for CCTV cameras to be installed near St Matthews Field after the latest incursion by travellers to the site.

The travellers arrived around 8pm on Thursday evening (July 18) but they were gone again the following morning.

Ward councillors Gill Slocombe and Rachael Lilley said tensions were running high with the local community and the Allotment Society, as travellers had left considerable damage the last time they had visited the site.

In a joint statement Cllrs Slocombe and Lilley said: “The agreed protocol was put in place in dealing with these unauthorised encampments of which the police and Sedgemoor attended on Friday morning and the travellers removed themselves very quickly.

“This certainly was helped by the fact that we have CCTV in the field at the moment, due to Wessex Water doing major works there.

“This is certainly the way forward so we will be having discussions with Sedgemoor and the Town Council so find some funding for the provision of a wide CCTV camera which will certainly help the police with the proof that is required with unauthorised entries in the Fairfield.

“This still doesn’t eradicate the constant problems we have in the county with very limited provision of any transit site’s for travellers.

“While we are relieved to see travellers move on, we have to consider exactly where else they will be going and what problems it will be causing.

“Until we find a temporary transit site for travellers this problem will continue.”