A KIND nine year-old girl saved money she found on the street and donated it to a local wildlife charity.

Georgina Lemarchand and her father, Chris, from Highbridge, have been collecting money they found on the streets since the beginning of this year and putting it into a piggy bank.

Chris said the pair have been collecting money from the streets for the last few years and Georgina normally spends it at Bridgwater Fair but this year she told him she wanted to donate the funds to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

He said: "People say if you find a penny you should pick it up.

"If my daughter and I see coins around town we will pick them up and put them in her piggy bank and when Bridgwater Fair comes around she will usually spend it there.

"But this year she asked to donate the money to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

"I was so proud when she told me what she wanted to do.

"We raised £23.56 and took it down to Secret World last week.

"My daughter got a tour of the wildlife centre and got to meet the founder, Pauline Kidner. "She kindly signed a copy of her book for Georgina and she took a picture with her. It was a great experience."