THE Refugee Support Group hosts Sue Clayton and her film Calais Children - a case to answer in Ilminster on July 15.

Sue Clayton along with many others was appalled at the treatment of the child refugees at Calais, so she did something about it. Calais Children tells the story of the child refugees and has become Sue’s personal campaign for justice.

Visiting the Kids’ Cafe in the Jungle one saw desperate faces of youngsters, no education other than that arranged by volunteer teachers out for a week or so, games only when organised by the supporting charities at weekends otherwise just the improvised mosque and church.

Idleness and boredom, waiting for the chance of boarding a lorry to Dover was their lot. As that became more difficult so the offers of the traffickers must have become more appealing. They had come from the worst places on Earth, they had suffered drought, famine, violence… And many had relatives here and an entitlement to come.

The film is 62 minutes long. It tells the youngsters’ story and follows the scandal of what happened to them after the Jungle was demolished.

The film is on July 15 at 7pm. It is being shown at The Green House, 17 Silver St., Ilminster. For further information email or call 01460 53228.