A FAMILY of baby mice which are smaller than a human thumb are being nursed back to health after being abandoned by their mother.

Four baby rodents were found at just a few days old in a nest behind a compost bag in Bristol.

The homeowner took them inside for the night before taking them to Bristol Animal Rescue Centre on May 30.

They were so small they were fed a milk substitute normally used for kittens through a tiny syringe.

The veterinary nurse caring for them had to set alarm so they could be fed every two hours around-the-clock for three days.

Sadly one of the mice died but the other three are making good progress.

Posted a video on Twitter, the rescue centre wrote: "We've got something super cute to share with you on this grey Monday morning.

"Four tiny mice arrived with us recently after being found in somebody's garden and no sign of Mum.

"We cared for them overnight, setting an alarm every hour for feeding time!"

The mice have been transferred to Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Highbridge, Somerset and will soon be released back into the wild.

Mandy Stone Bristol Animal Rescue Centre veterinary manager, said: “We regularly care for young and juvenile wild animals – from birds to badgers - but these are probably the smallest patients we’ve ever seen.

“The four tiny mice were discovered in a garden after someone moved a compost bag and accidentally disturbed the nest – sadly, the mum didn’t come back.

"We estimated they were just a few days old, so they would be incredibly difficult to hand-rear.

“One of our vet nurses did an amazing job of looking after them for three days, feeding them every one to two hours, day and night.

“Sadly, one didn’t make it, but the others did well and were transferred to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to continue their rehabilitation and eventually be released back into the wild.”