SCIENCE teachers at a Highbridge are helping students with their revision by filming Instagram Live sessions for students.

The innovative science department at The King Alfred School Academy cover a range of topics in science in the videos which aim to help students overcome any barriers in their learning.

From balancing equations to relative formula mass, the Instagram Live sessions are proving to be a big success.

One of the most recent sessions was based around Relative Mass and moles.

Dr Richard Butler, founder of the TKASA Instagram Live videos, said: “I started doing the Instagram Live to provide an extra revision resource to students who can not stay for after school sessions. It has proved to be very popular.”

The science department also has a Youtube channel, with videos to help students with revision.

Brandon Kelleher, a Year 10 student said: “I believe that the TKASA Science Instagram Live has helped me to improve in Science and it helps my friends too."