MORE than 100 people in the construction community came together to sign a two-metre high pledge committing to raising mental health awareness in their business.

Representatives from the various sections of the construction community came together on Thursday, May 16 to learn about Mental Health in Construction.

At the conclusion of the conference 86 per cent signed the giant pledge to raise awareness of mental health within their own companies.

The event featured speakers from The Lighthouse Club, The Building Mental Health Project, Bridgwater & Taunton College, New Leaf Life Design and THSP Health and Safety.

The audience were treated to a flash mob Bridgwater Community Voices Choir.

“This formed part of the connection between construction mental health and community, together with The Samaritans and Mind present.

One of the organisers Becky Wright from New Leaf said: “The conference was simply buzzing with energy.

“There was a real feeling that the audience wanted to engage with the subject of Mental Health and help to reduce the stigma which is why people don’t feel they can talk about the issue.”

The conference offered the audience very practical examples of how they can disseminate information and raise awareness through Toolbox Talks, talking about the support services available and encouraging Mental Health First Aiders to be present on each building project.

The conference also raised more than £500 for The Lighthouse Club which provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families with the aim of reducing the suicide risk amongst construction workers.

Ms Wright added: “Every day two construction workers take their own life.

"We have to educate everyone in the industry to recognise the signs and symptoms."