‘THIS path is dangerous, if something isn’t done to fix it someone could get seriously hurt.’

Those are the words of Ray Stewart, who said he is concerned someone could get hurt if urgent works are not carried out to improve a path at the end of Newtown Road in Highbridge which leads to Apex Park.

The path is surrounded by a development of 95 homes and works are currently underway to build 59 homes and 36 bungalows on the Newtown Road site.

Ray said: “I regularly use the path through Apex Park and the area where the new houses are being built is a dangerous mess.

“The builders of the new homes have put fence panels up so the path has to turn sharply to the right and the terrain is gravel and stones.

“It leads to two kerbs which have been angled by using more gravel and stone.

“There are two ways up to the river path - you can turn left and go up a slope which is gentle but unstable.

“And the alternative is a steeper slope, but no turn needed. Both are also gravel and stone as is the next 50 metres of the footpath.”

Ray said he thinks the path could be easily fixed and urged the developers to take ‘urgent action’ to repair it.

He said: “This path is very well used by walkers, cyclists and runners and is the Burnham-on-Sea Park Run route.

“The cure is straightforward, two men for two hours with a relatively small amount of Tarmac and a roller machine.

“Tarmac the old path to level out the area, roll the path to compact and level it and finally move the fence panels so access is in a straight line.

“This area is very dangerous, if one runner falls others will follow potentially resulting in injuries. It needs fixing as a matter of urgency before someone gets hurt.”

A spokesman for Sedgemoor District Council, said improvements will be made to the path once works have been completed on the site.

“This is a temporary arrangement pending the completion of the development works currently being undertaken,” the spokesman said.

“Once completed, improvements will be made but whilst heavy plant is crossing the site there is little point in reinstating the path to a high standard.”

The Weekly News has contacted Property Link, the agents for the developer, for a comment.