A MEERKAT and a tortoise were among the animals rescued at an East Huntspill wildlife centre during a busy weekend of call outs.

On Saturday (May 11) a member of the public brought in a tortoise which was found walking up the road towards Secret World Wildlife Rescue and later that day a call came in from a Bristol motorist who said they found a meerkat sitting under their car.

Wildlife rescuers were sent to the location and discovered an unhappy large male meerkat sat under the car.

A spokesman for Secret World Wildlife Rescue, said: “We are used to calls when the animals don’t turn out to be what is described, there was an element of doubt as a rescuer was sent out.

“We shall have to see if anyone is looking for a lost meerkat but luckily the tortoise was reunited with is owner.

“A photo produced proved ownership and we now know his name is Roger and he’s 15-years-old.”

The centre has rescued a variety of animals over the years including a skunk, a raccoon, an eight foot boa and a rare Yellow Nosed Albatross which has never been seen in this country before.

Pauline Kidner, founder of Secret World, said: “We always try to help if we can but the funniest call out was by the police asking us to attend to a monkey caught under a laundry basket in Bristol. We responded but it turned out to be a long haired guinea pig. At least we never know what each day will bring.”

To report a lost or injured animal or to find out more information about Secret World call 01278 783250.