WHAT is the truth?

Dangerous Corner is being performed at the Warehouse Theatre in Ilminster and explores the question of truth.

Dangerous Corner is the first play that JB Priestley wrote in 1932 and he observed that telling the whole truth can sometimes be like turning a dangerous corner - which we do at our peril.

Priestly set the play in the drawing room of Robert and Freda Caplan’s country house which is furnished in a plush Art Deco style as they are a wealthy couple who own and run a publishing company.

They are entertaining Freda’s younger brother, Gordon Whitehouse and his wife Betty, both young and impetuous characters with much to hide, along with their colleagues Charles Stanton, Olwen Peel and Miss Mockridge. All the characters have deep, dark secrets concerning the death of Robert’s brother, Martin who died a year before.

The light hearted and jovial evening is disrupted when their conversation turns a dangerous corner and Robert insists in discovering how exactly Martin dies...was it suicide, an accident or murder?

At the outset the actors at the Warehouse Theatre in Ilminster have managed to capture the elegant 1930’s style but then together they create an emotional earthquake on the stage as the ‘truth’ unfolds.

You can see the play from April 24 until 27 at 7:30pm at The Warehouse Theatre.

Tickets cost £10 (child/student £5) and are available from www.thewarehousetheatre.org.uk or in person from Harriman’s Menswear, Ilminster.