COOKING means different things to different people.

For Lukas Grzesik, Head Chef at River Parrett in Bridgwater, cooking for him is a passion and by learning more every day it just makes him hungry for more.

Lukas started out on his cookery road which lead him to Bridgwater when he was 16-years-old.

Before moving to the UK, he had run his own restaurant in Poland but prior to that he had worked in the Arctic Circle in Sweden as well at various hotels in Poland.

Speaking about his young start. Lukas said: “I started at an early age when I was 16-years-old.

“I left school and then went to college and while I studied at college I also worked in a hotel which was part of the college.

“I went off to college to learn and also worked at jobs when I was not in college at the weekends. It was great as I could see the different styles and different levels of cooking including fine dining and gourmet.

“Learning just gave me more of a passion and a hunger to learn more.

“For me cooking is my whole life. It is always nice having a challenge and always nice to create something new. Cooking has given me the chance to travel to see different places and it was provided with a huge opportunity.

“I have always liked learning and this has allowed me to focus on my passion which is cooking.”

Lukas enjoys cooking with the best ingredients he can get for the riverside restaurant in Bridgwater.

The main reason is he can then create the best dishes for dinners when they come to the restaurant at 11 Salmon Parade.

Working alongside Lukas is Michal Snela, Executive Chef at The River Parrett.

Michal had a different rise to the kitchen.

When he was growing up he never liked cook, in fact he used to have to close the kitchen door in the family home as he couldn’t even stand the smell.

His passion for cooking came when he was helping out in a kitchen as a helping hand (dish washer) but he watched what the chefs were doing and loved seeing them make food and make decisions.

That was his break through moment and from then on Michal went to Chichester College for three years and then moved to London.

He rose and worked in a number of establishments which had Michelin Stars with one or two stars and rising to head chef of these hotels and restaurants.

Now these two dynamic chefs are helping produce a menu at The River Parrett which is a ‘Modern British brasserie feel, offering informal high-end food’

The type of food on the menu has included:

Crispy skin chicken breast, spinach gnocchi, parsnip mousse & mushroom sauce

- Pan fried fish, cauliflower Romanesco, celeriac risotto & capers sauce

- Beans cake, vegetable jus, sauté vegetables

- Dry aged steak, buttered new potatos, sauté vegetables & marrow jus

- Roast venison loin, potato au gratin, glazed kale, roast Jerusalem artichokes

- Smoked lamb belly, crushed potato, sour cabbage mousse, sauté sprouts

- Prawn tortellini & sun-dried tomato sauce

- Marinated mackerel, spherificated apples & beetroot mayo

- Pan-fried scallops with caviar ragout, spinach & onion powder

- Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, roast potatoes, garden pea mousse & winter vegetables

- Truffle & coffee braised beef, mashed roasted potatoes, roasted parsnip, Yorkshire pudding

- Pork chop with roasted apple sauce, potato au gratin, creamy cabbage & bacon

- Pan fried sea bass, celeriac mousse, sour cabbage rösti, spinach & garlic foam, confit baby shallots

- Red cabbage risotto, crispy kale & mixed salad

The menu changes every month. It is always kept fresh as it is a seasonal menu and hence the food reflects what is available in each month.

In November 2018, The River Parrett celebrated one year in business.

Speaking about its first year, Michal said: “I think we have done well. We have brought something different to Bridgwater as there is nothing like this restaurant here. You have to go to Taunton for an equivalent. We make sure we get the best products and make changes to the menu when necessary and are very flexible. We are continuing to grow and make our customers happy with the food.”

Further details online at or call 01278 451807.