A BRIDGWATER runner has overcome mental health issues and completed an impressive 14 half marathons this year.

Karen Luck-Marks, 28, has run a whopping 14 races of the long distance in 2015, after failing to get a place in the London Marathon.

Rather than be disappointed, she set herself her own challenge.

"I didn't get a place in the London Marathon this year, so I decided to take on 12 half marathons in 12 months, and have since taken it to 14.

"I ran for the eating disorder charity, Beat and finished my last one in Sunday December 13 in Weston-Super-Mare.

"I've done a mixture of some home-made half marathons and some official ones.

"I've done Reading, Weymouth, Torbay, the Saturday Night run in Reading, Severn Bridges, Bridgwater and Weston.

"I've done Bridgwater two years in a row and I'm going to do a full marathon next year."

Karen, who lives in Wilstock, said that although she loves running, she had a low point during the Exeter Half Marathon.

"Exeter was by far the toughest race I did," said Karen.

"I've suffered with mental health issues and two weeks before the run, I had a break down and collapsed.

"Then during the race, I collapsed again and I didn't really know what was happening, but my husband was there and I managed to carry on running.

"I pushed myself harder than I realised and I'd gone off too fast with lots of elite runners, which obviously I shouldn't have.

"Despite collapsing and enduring all the hills, I still managed a decent time under two hours so I'm proud.

"I won't be doing that half marathon again though."

Karen got back into running three years ago, after previously enjoying it as a teenager but suffering knee problems.

"I really enjoy the sport but have never run for a club- I prefer running for myself," she added.

"I ran in Weston with Mark Vaz who is running 400 marathons in 365 days - his 150th was on that day.

"I'm not very good at running with other people though.

"The Reading half marathon was a brilliant atmosphere and I enjoyed the Weston one as well because it was such a stunning day and I ran a PB.

"I love training- you'll always see me running around Bridgwater.

"I'm very proud of my achievements."