ORGANISERS of the AberFest have thanked all of the people involved in finishing off the resurfacing work on The Moor allowing them to hold events at the usual venue.

Last week there was some doubt as to whether to festival which celebrates all things Cornish and Breton would be able to hold events on The Moor because of the ongoing works.

But on Saturday when organisers arrived to set up for the festival the work had been completed.

John Dudding, AberFest chairman, said: "I am delighted that Falmouth town council, Carrick and Cormac managed to finish the work on The Moor in time and we were delighted to be able to hold events there. Especially with the strong winds we had on Saturday it would have been difficult to go ahead on the Prince of Wales Pier."

Mr Dudding added that he would like to make a personal thanks to Mark Williams, Falmouth town clerk for his help.

The town rang out to the sounds of Breton bombards and bagpipes as over 70 Bretons attended the festival with hundreds of musician, dancers and Celtic wrestlers joining in the grand procession through Falmouth to Events Square.

There were queues of people for the Breton Crepe making workshop at the Methodist Church, where the Breton teachers overcame language barriers to explain their techniques using "Galettoires" used to cook the Crepes. While Cornish and Breton language, dance , singing and other workshops took place.

Mr Dudding added: "AberFest'08 was the success we had hoped for, our Breton friends have had a wonderful time and they have brought a whole lot of colour and excitement to Falmouth, Penryn and West Cornwall. The cold weather didn't help us but the festival was still very well supported."

"Falmouth has a special place in our hearts," said Katrine Pasco, Breton AberFest Organiser, "not just because of the wonderful times we have had in Cornwall, and everyone's generosity, but with fond memories of Ron Williams."

Mr. Williams, Falmouth man and Cornish Bard, had been very popular at the Breton festival, and it was his memorial that brought the festival to Falmouth in 2002.