ALL manner of debris has been washed up on the coast around Falmouth during this stormiest of weeks, but this was the troubling sight for a dog walker this morning.

Ally Edgson was walking his Welsh collie on Swanpool beach just after high tide when he spotted this large fish stuck in a tin can.

He said: "I saw it amongst the seaweed and I tried to get the can off but it was stuck in its gills. The tide was receding but the big waves were just about reaching it."

Ally, who lives in Carrick Road, was walking near Swanpool cafe, understandably not too close to what was a "very rough sea".

Despite his attempts he wasn't able to free the fish, but another dog walker Rob Jones then came to the rescue.

"He lightly trod on the can - being careful not to press too hard on the fish's head - and it freed the can from its gills. I put it back in the water and it spun round a few times before disappearing into the water," said Ally.

The size of both can and fish - thought to be either a dogfish or a catfish - is considerable and issued a stark reminder of the potentially deadly nature of pollution in our waters.