Falmouth Town Council has agreed to write to one of its councillors asking him to resign due to his poor attendance record.

Councillor for Penwerris Mathew McCarthy has attended just two town council meetings this municipal year. In 2018/19 he attended 12 of his 22 scheduled meetings.

Councillor McCarthy also drew criticism in June when he moved to Launceston.

At last night's council meeting, councillor David Saunby said: "Once again I'm afraid to say that we have had no apology for councillor McCarthy. It's been quite some time that I have attended this council and I'm very disappointed at his record.

"I know he's living in Launceston but that's not the point. I approached him about this at a Cornwall Council meeting and he said 'what's it got to do with you?' with a smirky grin.

"We're having to do his work. I think this council is as strong as its weakest link. I'm not having a personal go at McCarthy but he is the weakest link."

Town councillors have to attend a minimum of one meeting every six months. They also have to have been living in the area they represent at the time of election.

Town clerk Mark Williams pointed out that councillor McCarthy has no obligation to resign and can remain on the council until the next election in 18 months' time.

Mayor Steve Eva said: "By rights, and I don't agree to it, but he only has to turn up once every six months. I believe if he's not going to turn up then we should have someone that will."

Councillor Saunby proposed a motion, seconded by councillor Roger Bonney, to write to councillor McCarthy asking him to review his position on the council in light of his attendance record.

The council voted overwhelmingly in favour of writing the letter.

Councillor McCarthy has been contacted for a comment.