Back in the summer I wrote letters to a number of people regarding cars speeding in the 20mph zones in the Boslowick area, specifically Hillside Road.

Letters to Mr Alan Jewell (County Councillor), Cornwall Highways, Falmouth Town Council and the Police (Falmouth), seeking help in reducing the risk/problem, went unanswered. The single reply I received was from Cornwall Highways.

This email reply simply stated that 20mph speed limits were “self regulating” and they didn’t feel that it was necessary to do anything further to reduce the speeds of vehicles in this area. By the way no-one else bothered to reply!

I contacted the Mayor, Mr Eva by email, who did reply, saying however it wasn’t a Falmouth Town Council problem.

Unless speed restrictions are imposed, an accident will happen. Sad that no-one is bothered.

Keith Eddy