A neglected doberman rescued by a Portreath charity is in need of a forever home.

Natalie Birch, from West Country Doberman Rescue, was asked to help find a home for 13-year-old Costa by his previous owner.

They told her that Costa was in good health other than having arthritis, but when he arrived at the foster home Natalie realised that he had been badly neglected and suffered a slew of health problems.

Costa was treated for a skin infection, rotten teeth, mouth abscesses and overgrown nails and is showing great strength and determination in his recovery.

This is The West Country:

Costa loves to cuddle up with his teddy

The rescue centre is offering to cover the costs of further veterinary bills but simply needs a loving owner to take Costa home and give him the attention he needs.

He sadly still suffers from incontinence and poor mobility and needs to wear puppy pads in case of accidents.

An ideal owner would be patient and caring, with the ability to provide a good home for Costa's specific needs.

He has trouble with mobility and struggles to use stairs.

This is The West Country:

Costa suffered a range of health problems when first brought to the centre but is making a good recovery

He also has anxiety issues when left alone for more than two hours, and he is afraid of woodland so needs to be taken for walks in open wooded areas.

Anyone interested in giving Costa a good home can contact Natalie on westcountrydobes@outlook.com.