Pigs that would break out of their enclosure and bother nearby residents have been sold after digging up the grave of a young boy who died of sepsis.

The woolly Mangalica pigs would often trespass in neighbouring gardens and escape into the road creating a hazard for drivers.

This is The West Country:

Yesterday the Packet reported that four of the pigs had made their way into Penryn's Glebe Cemetery and damaged some of the graves, including one belonging to baby Charlie Jermyn who tragically died of sepsis in 2015.

Neighbours Adam Philpott and Natalie Flynn called the police on Friday after the pigs caused havoc in the cemetery.

After yesterday’s article and pressure from friends and neighbours, the owner of the troublesome swine has now decided to get rid of them.

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They were alerted to the incident when a young woman mourning a loved one walked out of the cemetery and, teary-eyed, asked the couple ‘is it normal for pigs to be in there?’

The pair then called the police and Adam went to speak to the owner.

Adam said: “We wouldn't care whose grave it is, we think of other people, how they’re going to feel if they’re seeing it get destroyed and we don’t do anything about it.”

He said that residents have been having trouble with the pigs for months, and that they had scared local children in the past.

This is The West Country:

He added: “When they’re out on the road they’re going to cause an accident.”

Now that the owner has decided to sell up, residents can enjoy peace of mind. 

Adam said: “We’re made up. Friends of ours and a few others have got partners in that cemetery so they’re made up.”