There was almost a right old ding dong merrily on high when a request to move St Keverne's Christmas tree prompted a slightly spiky response from some councillors.

The village's Christmas lights committee had visited the parish council to ask for permission to move the tree away from its traditional place in front of the church entrance, to the centre of the square.

Committee member Kevin Purches explained that the tree would be placed nearer the war memorial in the two coach parking bays, which he said were not actually big enough for coaches anyway.

He explained: "Instead of putting it down the old BT cover and it falling, and us tying it up with things, we were going to ask if we could put it there in a commercial stand that it could be bolted in to.

"People could go around it and make it look prettier for the village."

At the same time the committee asked the council for funding towards this year's display.

Mr Purches said the electricity would continue to be provided by the Old Temperance House B&B, which he owns, and a 'speed hump' type covering, just over the Christmas period, would keep the wires safe.

Councillor David Lambrick asked why the tree could not stay in front of the church, in the new stand, but Mr Purches said the ground needed to be flat.

Councillor Sarah Lyne queried whether the tree's branches would impact on cars parking in the surrounding spaces and councillor Roger Richards said: "I've been supplying the trees for 15 years. There's a hole, if the tree is put in properly and pegged properly; it hasn't for the last couple of years. We've not had a problem before that.

"Christmas is a Christian festival. The church behind it looks much better."

Councillor Roger Combe added: "Surely that is part of the highway? You're asking to put a tree in the middle of the highway?"

It was agreed that the committee would need to speak to Cornwall Council for permission to place the tree in the square and members return to the next council meeting with their accounts to request a grant.

Councillor Michael Anselmi said: "The church is a beautiful focus in itself and will still stand out wherever you're standing. Maybe to bring the tree away gives two focus points. But I agree it needs to be discuss with Highways."

And councillor Anthony Richards commended the lights committee for coming up with new ideas.