Pasty lovers are lamenting the loss of one of Falmouth's most popular businesses following its unexpected closure.

Tickleyertastebuds, on the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, is no longer trading after owner Wendy Byrne was unable to keep it going following a spell of ill health.

She announced the closure on Facebook on Friday, although a sign in the business's window states how it would cease trading as of 2pm on Saturday, August 24.

The notice in the window adds: "Over the years I have met some wonderful people through the course of the business and will miss you all greatly.

"Wendy Byrne and the team thank you for all your support and wish you well in the future."

This is The West Country:

She went on to give more details on the Tickleyertastebuds Facebook page, saying: "Dear valued customers, it is with great sadness that I announce the closure of Tickleyertastebuds.

"Over recent months I have suffered from ill health and just recently suffering a bout of pneumonia.

"I am in recovery, however I am not strong enough to continue in my role which I have loved.

"You have all been so supportive and kind and I will miss you all dearly."

It has left fans grieving over the loss of what have been described as the "best pasties in Cornwall."

This is The West Country:

While customers were sad to see the closure, however, they also supported Wendy in her reasons.

One wrote: "Best pasties in Cornwall Wendy, but your health is most important," while others wished her well in retirement.

One fan even went so far as to beg: "Can I please buy your pastry recipe? No heartburn ever!"

Although pasties were what the business was particularly known for, it also sold quiches, pies, cakes and other baked goods all made on site.

It was based for many years at the entrance to the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, before moving further down the estate near to Lillie Brothers.