Cornwall Council told workers to pack away traffic lights and leave the carriageway after discovering that unannounced roadworks were being carried out without a licence this morning.

Commuters were surprised by the roadworks on Bickland Hill which had not been announced.

They were reported to Cornwall Council's Streetworks team who paid a visit to the site and found non-emergency, unlicensed work being carried out.

The council had received no prior notification about the lights, which had been installed without a licence.

A Cornwall Council spokesperson said: "As the workers were unable to provide any evidence of consent for the works from the Streetworks service, we issued an instruction to cease works and leave the carriageway immediately.

"The traffic lights were removed from operation by 10am, and the associated signs will be removed during the day today."

The work was affecting planned highway improvement work by Cormac further along the road at the junction of Mongleath Avenue and Bickland Water Road, which began last week.

Cormac's traffic lights are limited to between 9.30am and 4pm and work will continue until February 2020.

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