TRURO and Falmouth MP Sarah Newton has accepted the invitation of Caroline Flint, Rory Stewart, Stephen Kinnock, and Norman Lamb to join MPs for a Deal today.

The group is seeking to bring back Theresa May’s final Brexit offer – the Withdrawal Agreement Bill that emerged from cross-party talks earlier this year – via a proposal being driven by Stephen Kinnock.

Sarah said: "For too long debate in Westminster has been paralysed by a lack of moderation and compromise. Even at this eleventh hour it's not too late to agree a deal to ensure an orderly exit from the European Union.

"That is why, on Wednesday, we supported Stephen's amendment to the EU Bill which made any delay to the UK’s departure – if a delay is needed at all – conditional upon an effort to debate and pass a deal based on the outcome of inter-party talks held earlier this year.

"We are not suggesting that the new deal should be a carbon copy of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), rather that it provides a solid and realistic basis on which to build to reach a compromise that can pass in the Commons and avert a no deal.

"Further delay without a purpose will simply add to voter anger. If a General Election is not agreed today, the Prime Minister must use the coming month to secure a deal that he can put to Parliament as soon as we re-convene on October 14.”