Water should at long last be properly flowing through Helston's streets again by the beginning of September.

Last month Cormac re-laid around ten feet of pipework to repair a damaged culvert on private land in Falmouth Road, which has seen the Godolphin Road and Coinagehall Street kennels - the waterways that line the streets - switched off since November.

Helston and Cornwall councillor Mike Thomas has been given a date of September 2 for the work to be completed, subject to no emergencies.

He said: "I anticipate that when completed the leat that serves Godolphin Road, and the town centre kennels, will be fully back on. "However, the flow of water may not be at its best until we get into autumn.

"I am very grateful for the work of the Cormanc team involved and with the members of management who have facilitated this."